Career Coaching Services


I work with clients who want to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about their career progression. 

As careers become less linear, it becomes more and more challenging to navigate our options and know that we are making the right decisions. High performing individuals have many options, and deciding which is the best fit can be stressful and overwhelming. Coaching can help you make intentional decisions with confidence.

The Coaching Process:

1) Discovery

Through listening and asking questions, I help my clients gain self-awareness about their strengths, weaknesses, and career priorities. This is a very powerful aspect of the coaching process, as I find that most of my clients have not had the time or ability to map these things out in a concrete way prior to coaching.

2) Goal Setting and Decision Making

Once a client has gained clarity on what is most important to them, we can evaluate options and decide on a target path. 

3) Implementation

Throughout the transition, I provide tactical and emotional support to help them anticipate and overcome obstacles. 

Corporate clients

I help corporate clients increase employee engagement and retention by supporting employees through transitions and helping them navigate undefined career paths.

Client Examples:

— Partnering with the Annie E. Casey foundation since 2016 to provide career coaching services to their employees who are completing a 2-year rotation program. Some employees chose to stay within the foundation, but many chose to seek employment elsewhere when their program concluded. AECF wanted to provide them with support so they could make thoughtful transitions into new roles. I helped clients determine which career path they wanted to pursue, evaluate feasible options, and market themselves for future roles. 

— Working with a financial services firm to provide support to high-performing emerging leaders as they navigate an ambiguous career progression within the firm. Because this client does not have clear career paths, they were experiencing high attrition and losing talented employees. As a result of coaching, my clients were able to navigate their options successfully and 100% of them decided to stay with the firm. 


Individual Clients

I help clients take control of their career progression by gaining self-awareness of their strengths, clarity on their goals, and creating actionable plans. 

Client Examples:

— Working with an experience banking professional who had decided to leave his current firm to avoid an international relocation. He was at a cross roads and wanted to decide whether to pursue self-employment or go back into full-time employment with another bank. With 20 years of experience, he has the expertise and network to pursue either path. Through coaching, he ultimately decided to launch a small consulting practice, and we worked together throughout the decision to take this path and the implementation of getting his company operating. 

— Working with an attorney who, despite much professional success, was feeling burnt out and unfulfilled by her work. After a few coaching sessions, she realized she had always taken the path that was presented to her rather than considering what brought her strengths out and what she enjoyed. We identified a new career path, still within law, that will help her use her strengths everyday and feel more engaged with her work. 


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