Leadership & Executive Coaching Services

I have over 10 years of leadership & executive coaching experience working with a wide range of clients. My approach in coaching is to start with my client’s natural strengths. Whether you’ve been a leader for years or you’re just thinking about moving into a management role, coaching can help you achieve your goals faster.

By understanding your greatest strengths, we can develop a customized development plan that:

  • Sets clear and measurable goals for your performance, as well as outcomes for our coaching engagement
  • Identifies and refines your personal brand. What is your unique style, and how will you convey this to other people?
  • Acknowledges your weaknesses (we all have them!), and addresses how to design around them or minimize their impact.


Style: My coaching style is direct, supportive, and focused on getting you results. Coaching is about creating more self-awareness, strategizing around goals, and navigating challenges and opportunities.

Ideal Client: I focus my coaching practice on working with emerging leaders, who are either about to move into a management role or are a few years in to leading a team. Clients should come to coaching ready to partner to create their desired outcomes. This is not about me telling you what to do or having all the answers. It’s about working together to accelerate your growth and achieve your goals.

Results: Past clients have focused on areas such as: creating a development plan, becoming confident leading others, and learning to tackle leadership challenges such as delivering feedback and performance management.